Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise, Arizona, USA

USA mined gems, minerals and jewelry!

We only dig, buy or sell USA mined mineral specimens, gems and jewelry. You can know your source with us and every stone has a story to tell, a story that we know from the start! We feel it's important for our clients to know for SURE, exactly where their minerals come from. Quality, REAL, not lab created gems here. Our dedication to bring you genuine gems, minerals and jewelry  is apparent in every piece we sell and we hope you enjoy the difference!

Calcite mineral specimen, Huerfano County, Colorado


The Tucson, Arizona 22nd St. show in January-February

 at booth C37, south end of the building.

The Ny/Nj show in April in Edison, New Jersey in April  booth 773 

Denver, Colorado show in September  booth B3 in the main arena downstairs by the show office. 

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Unique mineral specimen of Calcite, Sphalerite, and Fluorite from Tennessee!

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